How to Make Real-time Friends Without Harming Yourself

How to make friends

Today we’re living in a world where a lot of people feel lonely. We have many social media websites and applications to stay connected with people. We make friends easily. But why are we still facing this loneliness crisis worldwide? And social media is full of it. So the question is, where and how can

Boost Your Day with This One Minute Meditation Practice

One Minute Meditation

Use this short and simple meditation guide to make your everyday life more peaceful and stress-free. (Not for beginners) For many years, people are trying to figure out how to include meditation in their fast lifestyle. If you are one of those people, this article will surely benefit you. After years of practice, I have

The shocking revelation of destructive words you use daily

Destructive words - Power of words

Have you ever realized after a fight with anyone that how that fight could be avoided? Or how that fight actually started? Yes, it seems difficult to find the reason behind such bitter experiences. Although we happen to blame our temper or other’s lose temperament for any sort of fight. We never reach the truth.

Organize your mind to achieve anything in your life

Organise your Mind

Creating the desired life is never easy. It takes lots of efforts and right choices. Since childhood, you keep on absorbing every information around you. You don’t realize that you need to sort this information while storing it and it is so because no one teaches you to do this. All this enormous information creates

10 Deceiving lies that you tell yourself


Have you ever wondered as to why even after putting so many efforts you fail to succeed? Because of lies, you keep on telling yourself. Lies, which you believe to be the truth, where actually they are not. Lies, what people keep feeding to your mind. All those stories in your brain are almost 50%

5 Insights To Make a Relationship Stronger


I have come across many people who get caught in a turbulent storm in their love relationship. Neither they can move ahead due to the misunderstanding between both nor can they step back because they are in love with this person. Moreover, they can’t seem to find a way out of this storm. Some start