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How to get rid of Fear

Fear exists in our mind and is expressed everywhere in our behavior subconsciously. Fear is always there in every aspect of our life. From where does this fear come into our lives? You may have noticed that babies don’t have any fear. In the early days, children are not scared of anything. No one is

Things about life I wish I knew sooner

Everyone knows that what we learn during our childhood becomes our character. To build a strong character we have been taught many things during our early years by our parents, teachers, and elders. We have been told numerous stories and sung poems to adapt moral and social qualities, which later becomes part of our personalities.

Forgiveness – The Truth

Forgiveness - The Truth

Though there are many theories regarding the origin and the actual meaning of the word forgiveness. However ideologically meaning of forgiveness is “Thoroughly giving without reservation”. It means that to give up on the feelings of hatred and resentment towards someone who wronged you. Once you forgive others you untie them as well as untie

Lessons of Life

We learn a lot while we are in school and then in college. Some lessons are taught by our parents, siblings, and people around us. Some lessons are taught by life. Lessons of life are the toughest ones. You have to experience them and learn from it. However, there are some which if you can