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The Art of Gratitude

If you have read my earlier articles and you are practicing meditation, then you may be wondering how to be more meditative, when you don’t get time for a meditation sitting or how to bring more peace into your current lifestyle. Here comes the dire need for gratitude. You have to fill yourself with gratitude. Now the imminent question is how to do that?
Let me elaborate it –

1. Accept everything in this existence

You must understand the fact that everything in existence is for some specific purpose and has the importance of its own. Nothing is useless in this world. Starting from the tiniest algae to the mighty elephant, every entity has some purpose in this world. Similarly, every human being has a purpose. You may not like someone or something in your surroundings but he/she too must have some purpose to fulfill in this world.

For eg. Someone is bugging you creating anger in you, then this person is unknowingly helping you by ringing a bell in your mind that you need to work on your anger issues. If you are getting angry that means you are still not accepting his presence in the existence. At the subconscious level, you are still fighting against the existence and that why this person exists in your life.

You must be thankful for his/her existence as this person will help you grow, by making you aware of your own flaws or the areas you need to improve in life. You can’t see your own flaws until someone else shows them to you. So practice accepting everything in existence.

2. Learn to take your own responsibility

When we understand that we are responsible for ourselves, our situations, pains, and pleasures, then gratitude comes by itself. As we don’t hold the other person for our situations and feelings. Don’t get entrapped in a vicious circle of forgiveness.

Know the true meaning of forgiveness in another article ‘Forgiveness – The Truth‘. When you get angry at someone, then understand and accept that it is your problem. The other person has nothing to with it. People can affect your outer world, but can’t impact your inner world. That’s your inner journey. Hence gratitude manifests in your behavior.

3. Be thankful to everyone and everything

This is the most difficult part of this art of Gratitude. It’s not at all easy to thank someone who hurts you. But once you accept the above-explained fact then you gradually feel thankful to each and every person who hurts you because he/she has contributed in your overall life experiences.

How will you know the true meaning of breakup, heartache until someone actually breaks it and make you feel that pain? You got to go through the pain and then you become stronger. This path takes you towards falling in love with yourself. You learn to love yourself unconditionally and you realize that no one except YOU truly loves you as much as you do to yourself.

Everything happens for your own good. Only darkness will inspire you to look for the light. Only pain will make you appreciate pleasure. If you have never felt any pain, then how will you understand pleasure/happiness?

4. Bring this thankfulness in every aspect of life

I once heard about a tribal community. When they use some part of a plant for medicinal purpose, before plucking they say thanks to the plant and ask for the permission of the plant.

Also, they seek the plant’s blessings that the medicine made from the part of plant heals the patient. Organisms other than humans may not be able to communicate with you, but they also have energy flowing through them. This energy connects all of us.

5. Being humble doesn’t mean to be a coward

If you are filled with gratitude then you will automatically become more humble. It is in the same way when a tree is laden with fruits then it automatically arches downwards But being humble never means to behave cowardly. Learn to differentiate between humbleness and cowardice. Always stand for your rights.

Whenever you are giving anything to someone whether its money, love, care or a thing, give it with gratitude. The person who is taking your anger, feel gratitude towards him/her. A person to whom you are paying for a service or product, be thankful from the core of your heart as this thing or service will add value to your life.

Pain increases the importance of health. Just as sorrows increase the importance of happiness. So when you accept this fact, then you must realize the value of pain and sorrow. So you must learn to pass through the pain and sorrows with a smile. Show gratitude towards every condition that you are going through. Only after passing through this painful condition, you will find immense pleasure.

This gratitude will lead you to a more calm and peaceful life. No situation will hurt you, as you will understand the true meaning of its existence. Meditation is being in a state where there are no thoughts left. When your every step and activity is filled with gratefulness, energy passes through you without any obstruction.

You become present at each and every moment without disruption. This consciousness becomes meditation, where you are watching every step, emotion, and activity. You don’t react to the situation. You just watch it and let it pass through you.

Be thankful for everything you have in your life. Don’t think that the best will happen in the future. Think that best is happening right now. Be grateful for the life opportunity you have got. Practicing gratitude is as important as practicing meditation.

Have you been ignoring your body intelligence?

As the entire world is digitally connected people are becoming more aware of their health and well being by learning new information from the internet. To gain better health people try and test almost every newly launched product in the market. some people religiously and blindly follow those whoever says that they can help them regain health. This article is to explain how your own body intelligence can help you regain health.

Don’t let these so-called diet gurus blur your vision and prevent you from seeing the greater truth. Your body has its own inbuilt intelligence. Your body has the innate ability to turn food into nutrition and send the required nutrients to various organs of the body through blood. Your body has been evolved itself from one single cell. When you get sick, your body has the ability to heal; to fight against the sickness. So you can imagine how powerful your body is.

Unfortunately, in all the hustle and bustle of mundane life, we get disconnected from our own body. We lose faith in the body’s intelligence because other people constantly giving us wrong information. As a result, we miss the subtle signals which our bodies give from time to time to alert us whether about any malfunction in any part of the body or if we are eating the wrong food.

We corrupt its natural system. Moreover, worse things happen when we trust those people whose studies of bodies has started with books and dead ones. They learn mostly on dead beings and then do experiments with the alive ones. We don’t trust the experience of our bodies which has the experience of so many ages, rather, we believe in others who have just seen our bodies for the first time.

To add fuel to the flame, there is so much information on the internet that you get into a vicious trap of reading many things and do a self-inflicted trial and error with your sacred body. You make the situation worse For eg, someone suggests you drink a lot of water because our body is made up of approximately 70% water, but they forget to tell you that every person’s need of water can be different.

By drinking more water than YOUR requirements you can imbalance the salt, sugar and water levels in your body. And even excessive water intake can lead to water poisoning in severe cases.

You can stay healthy by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables which are economical too. But you will find plenty of information on how those unseasonal expensive foods can do wonders with your body. You are more likely to follow these due to the unawareness of the fact that information is served to you to increase their profits and not to improve your health.

Agriculture primarily happened to feed humans. Now all of a sudden this need arose to cultivate healthy foods. We are constantly being fed all these lies and false information. Needless to say, we all believe this without verifying the authenticity of this information. Many times it is also not feasible to measure the authenticity of the information.

The benign truth of your body has been taken away; which is that your body is an intelligent and complete mechanism in itself. We interfere with it’s working by pushing efforts from outside which is the result of our fear. We happen to deny and question the abilities of our bodies.

Another truth is that every human body is unique. It has its own nutritional requirements, reactions to different foods and own unique mechanism. We can know all this by connecting with our body at the inner core. Your body can tell everything you need to know to stay healthy and take care of your body.

The decision is yours as you want to believe your body’s intelligence or want to go with other option of telling another person about your body and then believe his judgment of your body.

Your body is intelligent enough to know as to when to eat, what to eat, when to sleep, when to get up, when and how much exercise is required for its proper functioning. Majority of times you ignore the subtle signals your body sends to you. For eg, when you feel hungry, you prefer to work. When your body needs sleep, you want to watch TV.

When your body needs rest, you get indulged in exercise. Your body has its own clock for everything. If you practice eating your meals every day at the same time for some days, you will notice that your body will feel hungry at that same time. If you wake up at the same time every day for some days consecutively, you will get up at the same time even if someday you happen to sleep late at previous night by chance.

The brain takes care of all the functions of your body. It is working round the clock without your knowledge even while you are asleep. It is brain who does all the repairs in your body of the general wear and tear that happens due to your activities. Your brain will guide you as to what to do about your body.

If there’s any problem either it will fix it or it will let you know. How? With the help of your instincts. Try to look out for the subtle hints that your body provides. Your brain has been supervising your body’s growth and mechanism since the first cell was developed. The problem starts happening when you obstruct your brain by focusing on outside things constantly.

You indulge your brain to be busy in a fast-paced lifestyle, your engaging work, obsessive social media activities, gathering numerous information from outside resources. Therefore you use the majority of your brain on mundane tasks and your brain isn’t left with enough energy to introspect and look after the body. Explore your body intelligence and trust your own instincts.

You can try this meditation which I call ‘Body meditation’. Sit and relax; or lay down and relax. start taking the deep and relaxed breath. Release the tension in your body. Let your body calm down. Now take your mind to different parts of your body. Let it inspect whether any fix needed. Your brain knows better than anyone else. Let your body intelligence look after your body. Don’t interrupt its functionalities. You will become healthier than ever.