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A step-by-step Guide to do Mantra Meditation

What is Mantra Meditation?

As the name suggests, in mantra meditation you do mantra chanting. This mantra can be anything like Om, Ram, or anything you like. Mantra chanting is a simple technique of meditation for beginners mostly. But if you do it correctly, it can help you a lot to reach the silent state of mind.


Why should I do it?

Mantra meditation is based on the idea of sound energy in the universe. You use sound energy to penetrate your inner center. When you are in sync with the rhythm of your body, only then silence happens. You not only hear sound through your ears but also every pore of your body. Sound impacts your blood circulation, nervous system, and generates different feelings & energies. Sound can energize you or calm your nerves down. 

This is considered to be one of the best meditation techniques. 

Sound has its effect on your body like different musical notes affect different chakras in our body. 

Mantra meditation

It is scientifically proven that all matter responds to sound or vibration. When a sound or vibration is applied to a body, it responds by creating its pattern in the body. This phenomenon was experimented with by Ernst Chladni (German Physicist). It’s called the Chladni pattern. In this experiment, he produced visible patterns on the sand by using sound frequency. 

In the same way, we are also affected by a large number of sounds and vibrations in our daily life, and this infuses a variety of emotions in us.

Mantra meditation works in the same way. It uses sound and vibration to heal our body, clear the blockages, and bring awareness.


The correct way to do Mantra Meditation?

Prepare your sacred place: If you are doing it out in nature then you just have to find a silent place where no one disturbs you and you can sit for the whole session in a comfortable position. 

If you are planning to do it indoors, then keep the lights dim. You can also use blindfolds if you feel necessary. 

Meditation music: Music is always a personal choice. If you want to play some background music, then do it. Keep it on low volume. You must be able to hear your voice clearly while mantra chanting. 

Sit in a still and comfortable position: Sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion or chair. Make sure you are comfortable in this position because you need to sit relaxed yet alert for a long time. It is difficult to sit on a hard surface. Don’t be harsh to your body while meditation. It’s necessary to be as comfortable as you can while you’re sitting. 

You can choose any mudra (posture) as per your comfort.

Mantra meditation

Decide which mantra you want to use: I prefer Om. Why? I will tell you the reason in a bit. Decide the one you want to use. Just keep it short and simple. Generally, I suggest Om or Ram.

Relax your body: Inspect from top of your head to toe and make sure your whole body is relaxed.

You can check your toes whether they are relaxed or not. 

How will you check it? Tense your toe muscles and then release them. You will know now that they are in a relaxed position. Then check your feet, legs, your root chakra, stomach, your shoulders, arms, hands, your facial muscle. Check every part of your body and command it to relax. Speak to your body. It’s up to you if you want to use words or just use your heart to command. Just remember to keep your back straight throughout the session.

Close your eyes: You need to keep your eyes closed. It will help you to jump into a meditative state more easily.

Recite the mantra: Now that you are settled in the position, let’s start reciting the mantra in a moderate volume. Remember, you should relax while reciting the mantra. Breathe gently. Breathe in and recite the mantra while breathing out. Do it slow and steady. 

Chanting seems very easy. But it won’t benefit you if you don’t do it correctly. That’s why you may have heard people saying that mediation didn’t make any difference in their lives. 

As you recite the mantra, you will realize that the sound wave will start from the throat and will expand in all directions, towards your brain and navel, then the last consonant of the mantra will strike on the root chakra below your navel. This last hit on the root chakra will break the obstruction in breathing as well as your thoughts. It will clear the path for the sound wave throughout your body. 

Why Om?: I use ‘Om’ because it has an ‘m’ sound at the end which strikes best on the root chakra. 

This sound will echo inside your body. You will feel it as a tornado inside.

If the mantra doesn’t create this sound storm inside, you better understand it well that you must be doing something wrong.

The purpose of the mantra is to generate vibration through sound waves in your body. Your whole body will feel that vibration. 

Repeat the mantra: Whether you do it for 10 min or 1 hour, do it with totality. 

Follow the above steps repeatedly without any mistake and be gentle with your body. 

Sit silently: After 10 min or 1 hour, whatever duration you have decided, stop the chanting and sit silently for 5 minutes. Relax your vocal muscles. Feel the sound waves traveling throughout your body and observe the silence. 

Open your eyes: After 5 minutes, open your eyes gently. Keep silent for some time after sitting. Stay relaxed. 

You have completed your meditation session. You can continue with your routine.


Tips to remember

Keep practicing: It may take some days to feel the depth of this meditation, so keep practicing.

Wear comfortable clothes: Wear loose and comfortable clothes for a meditation sitting. If possible then keep two pairs of clothing for alternate days and wear them only for meditation. 

Use the same place: If possible, use the same place for every session as it can help you by concentrating the energy in one place. After some days, your body and mind will slip into meditation as soon as you sit at that place.

Diaphragmatic breathing: Do Diaphragmatic Breathing while meditation. Do not obstruct your breathing or your sound. 

Stay aware: Be watchful without interfering with the sitting. Be present at the moment. Feel everything (energy, sound, silence, etc.) that is happening inside you. Accept it as it is. 

Don’t fall for the mind games: If you are seeing any visions or feeling restlessness in any part of your body, ignore it. These are mind games which mind plays when you try to be the master of your own body. Your mind will trick you to distract you from this path. Because it wants to stay the master of your body by keeping it the same way it used to be. 

Just do it: Don’t try to understand the logic of any meditation technique. Just do it and experience it on your own. 

After your meditation, you will carry this humming sound within you for the rest of the day. This will make you feel pure from the inside. You will feel a new energy in your body. 

And after some days of practice, you will feel peaceful and in tune with yourself. The humming sound (the mantra) will be there inside you all the time. If this technique suits you and you feel comfortable doing it, then keep on practicing. You will see its effects soon. 

Boost Your Day with This One Minute Meditation Practice

One Minute Meditation

Use this short and simple meditation guide to make your everyday life more peaceful and stress-free. (Not for beginners)

For many years, people are trying to figure out how to include meditation in their fast lifestyle. If you are one of those people, this article will surely benefit you. After years of practice, I have come to a realisation that it’s not easy to sit silently even for 10 minutes when you have so many things to do and your mind is completely occupied with all kinds of stuff.

So, when you are so busy doing things that are essential to you, how can you think of meditation which has no direct and visible impact on your life?

Of course, in this perspective meditation seems like a trivial thing and most people ignore it.

Some people start meditation practice forcefully because they are convinced that meditation can free them from physical or mental pain.

So this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Let’s not start meditation practice with such expectations.

Otherwise, you would feel dejected when you don’t get the expected results. Meditation is not some activity to cure, but it simply gives you a blissful feeling. If you really want to see what meditation can do, then just start practicing. Meditation can only be experienced, it cannot be explained in words. One can guide you, but you have to experience it on your own. It’s like to know the taste of a dish you have to eat.

One minute practice

Always remember that you don’t have to take giant leaps to begin, just keep on taking baby steps. For starters, you must know how you can meditate while running nonstop in your day-to-day life.

Take a pause every now and then

When you’re working, doing household chores, about to attend a meeting, or just chilling out at home, take a sudden pause for a minute or two.

Be still and silent

Whether you are in standing or sitting position, become still like a statue. Remember the game you played many times in your childhood, where someone would call you ‘statue’ and you’d instantly stop moving like a still figure. In this practice, you have to command yourself to stop, become still, and remain silent.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths

Breathe from your stomach (do diaphragmatic breathing). Watch your breath. You don’t have to focus on your breath. Just become aware of your breath. Be conscious of each inhalation and exhalation. Watch the breath coming in and going out.

Loosen up your body

Free your body from any kind of stress. Like loosening up your shoulders, face, eyes, arms, wrists, fingers, feet, etc. Let the energy flow freely inside the body. You will realize how much you were holding up. You create tension in your muscles whenever you do any activity or when you go through some emotions. Later you forget to release it.

Become watchful of every passing second

Don’t think too much about the time duration. Separate yourself from the activities around you. Your main focus should NOT be completing this activity of meditation. You just have to sneak out of what you are doing at that moment. This sudden sneaking will allow you to separate from your mind. Watch whatever is happening in your body (the silence, the movement, breathing, joy, thoughts, any other feeling, or whatever it is).

Go deep inside

You will get the glimpse of silence in these moments. Meditation can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. It’s ‘happening’, not ‘doing’. Just remember that. You are not meditating, you are just giving it a chance to happen by withdrawing from the outer world. It’s like going deep into the ocean, leaving the waves behind on the surface.

Observe that all the chaos outside is separate from your inner silence

After some days of practice, you will notice that all the hustle is outside of you, while you are peaceful, silent, and stable at your center. Outside hustle has nothing to do with your inner peace. The problem arises when you convince yourself that you are one with every activity around you. Once you realize that your center is still, you will start entering the state of meditation. If you do this practice every day, you will start feeling that stillness all day long, even while working.

Be conscious of the present moment

The sudden shock generated by this pause will make you become more aware of the present moment. Most of the time, your body is awake, but you are sleeping inside. Your body is being run by your subconscious mind. Practice that you are present at this moment of pause and don’t get carried away with the thoughts of past memories. Be present at the moment. This moment of consciousness is the part of your life which you have lived.

Come back

After a minute or two, open your eyes and get back to whatever you were doing and continue doing it again. You will feel relaxed, more energetic, and calm inside afterward.

Things to keep in mind when you do practice

Practice regularly

You may feel crazy when you start doing it. You may think that why are you wasting your time. But let these thoughts pass, don’t stop the practice. You can do it anytime while working, eating, running, or walking. Just do it. Stop for a while and look inside you.

Carry this feeling all day long

Once you get the taste of silence, carry this feeling throughout the day while living your routine life. Now that you know you are not your routine and it is separate from your inner silence, you will start feeling stability in your daily life too.

Feel the joy

These momentary pauses will create the same state of mind you had as a child. When you were always playful and present at a particular moment. Can you feel the same joy now? You will feel it during these pauses. Don’t make it a serious practice. Be playful and enjoy these seconds of your life as if these are the only moments you are alive.

To reach the state of meditation, you don’t have to take one hour out of your daily life. If you can, it’s great. But if you can’t then just start with some seconds.
Sitting silently for an hour seems more difficult than taking silent moments out while working. These silent moments will lead you and show you the path to reach total awareness. Though, you should try using extra minutes in your schedule for longer duration of practice sessions (maybe on weekends).

Also read these Meditation Tips before you start doing this one minute practice.

These small sessions of meditation practice are a need for this hour. Don’t just wait until you get hours of free time. Start practicing and take pauses.

Remember “State of nothingness is meditation.

Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sensuousness Along with Meditation

These days many of us are running to make our own mark in the world. To do that, people mostly tend to follow what others have achieved and how they have achieved. We forget that our very presence is already of huge importance. Sadly, While running in the race, we forget to live our lives. Even if you win the race, sooner the other race will start. So it’s high time that we learn to realize the greater picture and start learning to truly live our lives.
Evolving or achieving something in life is good until you forget your own presence in the world. Whenever you do something with consciousness, it becomes meditation, but something achieved out of ego becomes a burden. Consciousness keeps you aware of your existence and purpose in the world.
Everything else becomes like a play. In a play, you just have to perform a role/character. You are not the same person whose role you play, therefore you are never burdened with the achievements or mistakes made by that particular character. When you do anything with awareness, mistakes don’t happen. What seems the best today can become a mistake tomorrow.
Life should be spent in that manner. You play different roles in a lifetime. You just have to play your part and enjoy playing it. Don’t let this burden you emotionally or psychologically. Run the race with awareness and don’t let it affect you.
Be present at the moment, live it and enjoy it. As the Roman poet Horace said “carpe diem”. Seize the day my friend. Instead of brooding over your past or daydreaming of your perfect future, learn to respect and love the present.
Even if you leave a mark in the world, don’t let it enhance your ego. Otherwise, you will stop growing. Supplementing ego can be self-destroying. That mark is for others. Many people want that after they die, other people keep them in memory and in their heart. Why should you even bother, what will happen after you die? You won’t have this body to feel pain, love, happiness or anything else.
If you truly want to leave your mark, then enjoy the life to its fullest and grow to your full potential. This way, you may be able to evolve and inspire others to evolve.
Don’t worry about this body or other thoughts for that matter. Everything in this existence changes its form. Nothing ever truly dies. In science also we learn that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to the other. This is one of the most fundamental rules of elementary science. In the same analogy, no one truly dies, they just transform from one form to other.
You want to achieve something, do it, but enjoy while achieving it. Because the time spent on journeys are always the best part, destinations are only milestones. It’s the path you take that matters the most. And it’s the journey, the ups, and downs, the twists, the breaks, the diversion which actually matters. Don’t let yourself to be so engrossed in the destination that you fail to appreciate your experience of the journey.

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The Art of Gratitude

If you have read my earlier articles and you are practicing meditation, then you may be wondering how to be more meditative, when you don’t get time for a meditation sitting or how to bring more peace into your current lifestyle. Here comes the dire need for gratitude. You have to fill yourself with gratitude. Now the imminent question is how to do that?
Let me elaborate it –

1. Accept everything in this existence

You must understand the fact that everything in existence is for some specific purpose and has the importance of its own. Nothing is useless in this world. Starting from the tiniest algae to the mighty elephant, every entity has some purpose in this world. Similarly, every human being has a purpose. You may not like someone or something in your surroundings but he/she too must have some purpose to fulfill in this world.

For eg. Someone is bugging you creating anger in you, then this person is unknowingly helping you by ringing a bell in your mind that you need to work on your anger issues. If you are getting angry that means you are still not accepting his presence in the existence. At the subconscious level, you are still fighting against the existence and that why this person exists in your life.

You must be thankful for his/her existence as this person will help you grow, by making you aware of your own flaws or the areas you need to improve in life. You can’t see your own flaws until someone else shows them to you. So practice accepting everything in existence.

2. Learn to take your own responsibility

When we understand that we are responsible for ourselves, our situations, pains, and pleasures, then gratitude comes by itself. As we don’t hold the other person for our situations and feelings. Don’t get entrapped in a vicious circle of forgiveness.

Know the true meaning of forgiveness in another article ‘Forgiveness – The Truth‘. When you get angry at someone, then understand and accept that it is your problem. The other person has nothing to with it. People can affect your outer world, but can’t impact your inner world. That’s your inner journey. Hence gratitude manifests in your behavior.

3. Be thankful to everyone and everything

This is the most difficult part of this art of Gratitude. It’s not at all easy to thank someone who hurts you. But once you accept the above-explained fact then you gradually feel thankful to each and every person who hurts you because he/she has contributed in your overall life experiences.

How will you know the true meaning of breakup, heartache until someone actually breaks it and make you feel that pain? You got to go through the pain and then you become stronger. This path takes you towards falling in love with yourself. You learn to love yourself unconditionally and you realize that no one except YOU truly loves you as much as you do to yourself.

Everything happens for your own good. Only darkness will inspire you to look for the light. Only pain will make you appreciate pleasure. If you have never felt any pain, then how will you understand pleasure/happiness?

4. Bring this thankfulness in every aspect of life

I once heard about a tribal community. When they use some part of a plant for medicinal purpose, before plucking they say thanks to the plant and ask for the permission of the plant.

Also, they seek the plant’s blessings that the medicine made from the part of plant heals the patient. Organisms other than humans may not be able to communicate with you, but they also have energy flowing through them. This energy connects all of us.

5. Being humble doesn’t mean to be a coward

If you are filled with gratitude then you will automatically become more humble. It is in the same way when a tree is laden with fruits then it automatically arches downwards But being humble never means to behave cowardly. Learn to differentiate between humbleness and cowardice. Always stand for your rights.

Whenever you are giving anything to someone whether its money, love, care or a thing, give it with gratitude. The person who is taking your anger, feel gratitude towards him/her. A person to whom you are paying for a service or product, be thankful from the core of your heart as this thing or service will add value to your life.

Pain increases the importance of health. Just as sorrows increase the importance of happiness. So when you accept this fact, then you must realize the value of pain and sorrow. So you must learn to pass through the pain and sorrows with a smile. Show gratitude towards every condition that you are going through. Only after passing through this painful condition, you will find immense pleasure.

This gratitude will lead you to a more calm and peaceful life. No situation will hurt you, as you will understand the true meaning of its existence. Meditation is being in a state where there are no thoughts left. When your every step and activity is filled with gratefulness, energy passes through you without any obstruction.

You become present at each and every moment without disruption. This consciousness becomes meditation, where you are watching every step, emotion, and activity. You don’t react to the situation. You just watch it and let it pass through you.

Be thankful for everything you have in your life. Don’t think that the best will happen in the future. Think that best is happening right now. Be grateful for the life opportunity you have got. Practicing gratitude is as important as practicing meditation.

Tips for meditation

In ancient times, the reason for meditation practice was to search the soul. In today’s era, some people are using meditation as a tool to cure anxiety and stress. The busier you become, the more you need meditation. Yet some people meditate because they want to explore their spiritual path. Whatever reason is there, the core aim of meditation is to become aware of one’s existence. There can be different ways to reach the same destination. You might have read my earlier article “Meditation for beginners” and started practicing meditation. Yet you are getting this notion that there is no end result? Then you might be doing something wrong.

Let’s explore some more facts:

1. Mediation is all about doing nothing

This is where people get the wrong idea about meditation. They think that they have to do meditation by sitting silently. There is a difference between sitting idle and being silent. When you are trying hard to do nothing, you are still making efforts, thereby you miss the point. Meditation is all about not doing. So stop doing or trying but “be” there at that very moment. Be present and realize the truth that everything happens outside of you; you are there only as an audience.

2. Meditation is not an activity

Don’t think that when you sit idle, you are meditating. Meditation cannot be an activity. It is to be present and realize that there is something invisible inside the body, which is always present and meditation is a stage/state where “you” become one with the whole existence as we are all connected through some greater power, greater energy.

However many people during meditation sitting start fighting against his/her own self – Human beings are full of thoughts. It is our basic nature. Many people complain that they are not capable to stop thinking while meditating. Always remember, you don’t need to fight with your thoughts because it is against your nature. Rather you have to witness these thoughts. Let these thoughts come and go. You just be there and watch. Don’t control thoughts or anything for that matter.

3. Being aware of everything

Be aware, who is it doing meditation? It is you inside the body or the body or the mind? Many people assume the mind is meditating as the mind has to be stopped or focused at one point. It’s not correct. Meditation is about reaching a state where it happens all by itself; Meditation is the manifestation of self-awareness. You don’t have to focus on anything.

Be watchful. Don’t get involved in anything. For eg., you have the body, be aware of your body. You have thoughts – be aware of your thoughts. Don’t fight. Be friendly with your thoughts. Don’t start analyzing your thoughts. Bring consciousness to your life. Read more about consciousness in the article “conscious living”.

4. Self-awareness

Many people are practicing VIPASSANA meditation these days. In VIPASSANA, you have to watch your breath. Some people take watching and focusing as same. But there is a fundamental difference between both. Focusing means make efforts to bring your mind at one point. Whereas watching means to just watch without interference. In VIPASSANA, you need to become watchful, so that you can be aware of who is this watcher.

As a result, you will have a self-realization. Breathing is taking place in the body, and then who is watching it. That watcher is “YOU”. Can your body watch itself? No, it can’t. There has to be someone else inside your body. That someone is “YOU”. “YOU” have this body. “YOU” own this body.

5. You don’t have to search anything

Many have this misconception that in meditation you have to search for something or someone or your own self. However, that is not true. You are always here, present in every moment. Unfortunately, you are not self-aware. People go on searching for something. As a result, they move far away from the truth; The quintessential of their own existence.

You can search for something which is missing. How can one search himself/herself? You don’t need to search for anything, anywhere, yet be self-aware; to be aware of your existence. Meditation is a holistic awakening of yourself.

6. Throw all your emotions and pains out

If you feel that you have so much chaos inside you and you are unable to be present then take some moments before silent sitting, unburden yourself from these emotions and pain. You can express them as a form of dance or simply cry. Don’t suppress emotions. For example, If you have faced a moment of anger during the day, then dispel that anger in some form like hitting a pillow. So that you feel light and be present during silent sitting.

If you have been suppressing emotions for a very long time then instead of suppressing do laughter and cry meditation. Meditation means to be present at the very moment. Emotions are your driving force, so heal your pain first if you have any. Transform that emotional energy and then do the silent sitting. To know more about emotions read another article “Emotions- An unknown territory”. In the case of traumatic experience, it is advisable to take healing therapies before starting the meditation practice.

7. Associate with an experienced spiritual seeker

A person who meditates can guide you very well. Find someone with whom you can discuss your experiences. You don’t need to go to some meditation camps but sharing of experience will definitely help you enhance your experience.

8. Meditation should be celebrating, not a serious affair

Many believe that to meditate means you sit seriously. No! Being silent and being serious are two different things. How can you achieve happiness by being serious? Meditation is all about happiness, celebration, and laughter. Be happy at heart while meditation sitting. Celebrate your watchfulness.

When you do meditation practice, forget about your beliefs, assumptions, conceptions, everything else but yourself. Here “Yourself” is “YOU”, not your body or mind. Body and mind are medium to connect to the outer world. “YOU” who is invisible, residing in this mortal body. When you start practicing, start from awareness then slowly you will move further into other states of mind. Meditation will show you the path. You just have to be present. Everything will take place inevitably. Live consciously and meditate without making it a task. You will feel the changes sooner.

If you need more guidance regarding meditation practice then write to me at [email protected]

Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

Living a balanced life can be strenuous especially in today’s era when everything around us is changing so fast. Everyone is running behind something or the other. No one has the time to stop and have look around. The one who stops finds him/herself so behind in the race. Everyone wants to achieve everything in life. Nowadays, everyone is running in a race to do something different than others to prove his/her worth. You cannot achieve everything at once.

You cannot find balance in life if you are looking to please your ego because the ego has no end. Ego means the big “I”. You are always busy in fulfilling your ego so much that you forget your life. If you want to bring balance to your life then you must learn to be in sync with existence. When you fight against life it creates an imbalance in your life. Yet when you start living in harmony with existence as the one you become peaceful and calm.

1. The tendency of fulfilling the ego should be left behind when looking into something as bigger as balancing the life

Be kind to everything and everyone around you including yourself. The fact is that because of this ego you feel happy and hurt at times. If you don’t have an ego then you will feel the same for everything. Remember we are all made the same by existence. We all have the possibility of reaching to super-consciousness. Yet very few reach to that state. All because of this never fulfilling ego.

Living a balanced life is much bigger than that. It’s in your own hands to make your ego huge or demolish it. Your ego may force you to get the same or bigger car than one of your neighbors has or to achieve the same position as one of your colleagues has. Yet, if you keep on feeding your ego then definitely you will imbalance your life as you won’t be able to see anything but your ego.

All your actions will be driven by your ego. Your miseries and pleasures are the results of your egoist personality. Let the river of life flow. Your ego motivates you to block the river of life. It makes you feel that you have achieved so less. Don’t get tricked by your ego. Life is not only about achievements but living it. Be alive and feel your existence on this earth. Your ego can be the cause of losing the loved ones you have in your life.

That’s why the first principle of having a peaceful life and wonderful relationship is to leave your ego aside. Because the ego does not let you be what you are. If you miss someone or want to meet someone, your ego may force you to think about why you should take the first step forward when others do not even care.

Ego makes relationships like a business. This is just an example. These can be a huge list of traps made by ego. So whatever comes to you let it come and pass through you. Don’t create obstacles in your own path which is life.

2. Surrender to existence

instead of fighting against it. The very first lesson of swimming is to float. You must learn to do the same in life. Surrender yourself to existence. Don’t try to swim against the current of water. Life will never lead you in the wrong way.

Existence knows better about where you should be at a particular moment. So let it take the lead. Don’t oppose life rather live with the current. Events can be painful when you oppose life. When you are in tune with the existence you manifest inner peace.

3. Be like a child

The child is playful. He knows nothing else. He is in a blank state. He has no ego. If children see anything funny they start laughing. If they hear music, they start dancing. They enjoy everything around them. They even enjoy their own company. You may have noticed a child when she sleeps beside his mother.

If she gets up early in the morning, she keeps on playing with his own hands or feet without making any noise. You will find no fear in his eyes but blank eyes. It has no dust of the deeds of the world around it. The eyes are still, so innocent. They only know how to be playful.  They love themselves and everything around them. Be playful like children with no mind. This will fill you with tremendous joy.

4. Conscious Living

Start living consciously. Once you see the reality of the outer world you will come back to your inner world. This awareness will help you to bring balance in life. To take the first step towards conscious living you can read Living consciously – 7 days of Awareness

5. Brace yourself and be ready to sacrifice

Although the sacrifice will not be a real sacrifice you may feel it is. It won’t be easy to let go of so many useless possessions or addictions. If you want to live a balanced life then be prepared to leave many things behind.

Some addictions, desires of unrequited mundane materials, some dreams that you were looking to make true, some relationships that were already dead but you are carrying them for the sake of society.

6. Embrace your freedom

When you are born as a human, you get the freedom to choose. You can make choices, as to how you want to live your life. Take responsibilities of all your deeds. If you want a balanced life then your actions must reciprocate this choice. Yet many of us do the opposite. You want a balanced life but make erroneous choices. Therefore choose wisely and act wisely at your free will.

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