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Boost Your Day with This One Minute Meditation Practice

One Minute Meditation

Use this short and simple meditation guide to make your everyday life more peaceful and stress-free. (Not for beginners) For many years, people are trying to figure out how to include meditation in their fast lifestyle. If you are one of those people, this article will surely benefit you. After years of practice, I have

The Art of Gratitude

If you have read my earlier articles and you are practicing meditation, then you may be wondering how to be more meditative, when you don’t get time for a meditation sitting or how to bring more peace into your current lifestyle. Here comes the dire need for gratitude. You have to fill yourself with gratitude.

Tips for meditation

In ancient times, the reason for meditation practice was to search the soul. In today’s era, some people are using meditation as a tool to cure anxiety and stress. The busier you become, the more you need meditation. Yet some people meditate because they want to explore their spiritual path. Whatever reason is there, the

Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

Living a balanced life can be strenuous especially in today’s era when everything around us is changing so fast. Everyone is running behind something or the other. No one has the time to stop and have look around. The one who stops finds him/herself so behind in the race. Everyone wants to achieve everything in

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