How to deal with Depression

How to deal with Depression

How to fight with Depression

These days a large number of people are facing ‘Depression’. Depression is a state of mind, in other words, a psychological disorder when you feel anxiety and negative thoughts come across the mind every moment. Has it ever happened that you felt your life has no meaning?

You face mood swings and you start losing interest in everything you liked before. You start feeling that you have no friends. Your family doesn’t love you anymore. You have lost your purpose in life. You don’t feel happy at all about anything in your life. You are not satisfied with your job or relationship. You are financially broke. You have lost your charm. You have no one to share all these feelings. You find no way to cure and to come out of your situation.

The reason for the depression can be anything psychological or biological or the combination of both. If it’s temporary emotional low phase then you don’t need to worry, but if these feelings persist for a very long time, then you should take help from professionals. Other than that you will have to work with your willpower to cure yourself. Would you feel a bit relieved if I tell you that everyone faces this period or stage at least once in a lifetime? Where they feel that they are alone and no one is there beside them. You’re not alone, my friend. My own experience? I would say that depression is totally overrated. It is just that you have used your own thoughts against yourself. To treat depression you just need to use your own thoughts in your favor. If you work with your willpower then you need little medication, with the right approach to come out of the situation.

All you need to do is to:

1. Spend time with family & friends

Spend as much as time you can spend with your family & friends. Share whatever you feel with at least one person whom you can trust. Open up and talk as much as you can. Keep yourself busy with others. I understand that it is the most difficult thing to do in such a condition. You may not even feel to come out of bed. But you will have to. For your own sake and your health. This is the initial step to take and reach out for help. Family and friends are the first ones we can rely on during a tough time. No matter how much you feel to stay all alone back in your room, don’t pay much attention to this feeling. You make the feeling stronger by paying it attention; rather stay with your family and friends.

2. Find a therapist

If you can find a good therapist in your area then go to see him. Professional help is much needed in such a situation. Though a personal visit is preferable, if you can’t go personally then there is a lot of help available online. Just don’t stay dependent on medication. Don’t get the habit rather do some efforts on your own. Medication can give a kickstart and a therapist can only advise you on what to do. You and only you can help yourself and all the vigorous endeavor has to be done by you only.

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