How to deal with Depression

How to deal with Depression

How to fight with Depression

3. Change the perspective towards life

Change your perspective on how you see life. Life is full of happiness, sorrows, obstacles, supports, surprises. Life is happening each and every moment. It’s up to you how you want it to be. Be your own driver. Take the steering in your hands to drive your life in your desired direction. Don’t listen to people and look at your life from their point of view. Look at life from your perspective. If you see a glass half-filled with water what do you see? Half-full glass or half-empty glass? It’s only your own choice how you want to see it. It has always been said that we see what we want to see. Always remember that time doesn’t stay the same; whether it’s good or bad. This too shall pass.

4. Self-talk

Self-talk is always necessary to come out of any situation. Ask yourself some questions like “Do I really want to stay in this situation?” “If ‘NO’ then why am I not making any efforts to come out of this situation? “ What can be done to get out of it?” “Analyze the situation and decide the first step.”

You can try this: Remember when we were children our teachers or parents used to clap to grab our attention and distract us from our play. So that we listen to them. You have to do the same with yourself. You will have to become your own teacher. Clap on your own; 4 claps and get up. Start doing something, anything, like go to take shower or go out for a walk, start working on a computer, start finding a job if you are searching for one. These claps would distract you and make you active.

5. Let go

Let go of past events which were painful to you. You cannot live happily while holding onto memories which happened in the past. Past has already passed by. It has nothing to do with the present. But what you do at present will definitely affect your future. So don’t let your past spoil your future. Past cannot be changed. What you can do is learn lessons and let it go. Forgive yourself if you have done anything wrong and forgive others who have done wrong to you. You did what you truly are and others behave similarly as what they are. Read more about forgiveness in another article “Forgiveness – The Truth” which can help you release the pain you go through. Stop carrying bad memories within you. Presuming the average lifespan of a human being is 75 years, if you are 35 right now, then you have more than 40 years to go. Would you like to live miserably by clinging to old bad memories? Of course not, right? People under certain circumstances do incidental deeds which they regret later in life. Under normal scenarios, they would never do such things. It’s not totally their fault. Learn to forgive yourself and others.

6. Positive thoughts

Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Replace negative energy with positive energy. Whenever you start thinking about something negative, watch out. Bring your brain back and indulge in positive thinking. If a thought comes to your mind about something which you could not achieve or accomplish in the past, then take your attention from there to something that you have already achieved. Something about yourself, that you are proud of. Keep doing it every time unless your pattern of thinking doesn’t change. Don’t watch sad, negative News and programs. Read positive materials. Don’t listen to sad songs. Listen to music that makes you happy, laugh and dance. Your happiness should be based upon you, not on others. Don’t blame others for your miseries. Take responsibilities of your own actions.

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