Lessons of Life

Lessons of Life

We learn a lot while we are in school and then in college. Some lessons are taught by our parents, siblings, and people around us. Some lessons are taught by life. Lessons of life are the toughest ones. You have to experience them and learn from it. However, there are some which if you can learn as early as possible then you can save yourself from many troubles.

Some of them are as follows:

1. How to remain settled even during tough times

This lesson is one of the most important ones. Nobody knows when the tough time will come knocking one’s door. During tough times or in adverse situations our brain doesn’t work systematically due to chemical imbalance.

This further makes you anxious and fearful. You lose the capacity to think properly and to understand anything logically. You also tend to do or react something or in such a way that you may never do otherwise. So if you have to avoid the negative impact of the adverse circumstances then you should learn to be settled during a tough time.

Be centered no matter what happens. Tackle a situation peacefully. Find out the root cause of any problem and then find the best solution with a calm mind. Although being calm is the toughest thing to do. But you should train your mind on that.

2. Be self observant

Most of us are always curious as to what is happening around us or in other people’s life. In today’s digital era, with the help of social media, it has become easier. Everyone has the habit to watch one’s phone first thing in the morning to check what others are doing or has plans for the day.
Come on; this is your life, live it, how should it make any difference what others are doing. So instead of watching outside all the time, spend some time observing your own self. Learn about your own self; your very own nature and how its affecting your life.

Discover if there is anything negative in your behavior or nature, which is hampering your relationships or career or your own health, and work on it. Find out the ways to bring change and grow by keeping your roots stronger. Inspire yourself; motivate yourself; you can know yourself best only if you have the courage to look at yourself; bring back your attention from others on your own self.

3. The truth about mood disorders

Many people (both men and women) face mood disorder. These are psychological illnesses. Many may suggest that stress plays a major role in mood disorders. Stress can trigger such disorders. However, one of the root cause for such mood disorders can be the deficiency of micronutrients. Like iron deficiency can cause many symptoms just like depression such as mood swings, tiredness and lack of appetite.

Omega-3 fatty acids can help with brain chemicals. B complex vitamins and vitamin D are vital for psychological fitness and overall seamless operation of the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause symptoms of depression and mild hallucinations. So eat a healthy diet consisting of all necessary nutrients to keep yourself fit; for both physical health and mental health.

Before taking any mood enhancer medication, get yourself tested for deficiency of these micronutrients in your body. If you don’t have sufficient micronutrients then recover those by food or supplements but always do so with the approval of your medical practitioner. It might bring a lot of improvement in your condition.

4. Men and women are different not only physiologically but psychologically too

Everyone is aware of the truth that men and women are different physiologically because of visible proofs. However many of us find it hard to accept that men and women are different psychologically too.

They expect from each other to behave like each other. Man thinks why a woman cannot think or behave like him and vice-versa. Many men think that women don’t use brains and many women think that men never grow mature. Whereas the truth is that women use brain differently; their brain works in a different manner and their perspective to see the things are different.

On the other hand, men are keen to be playful. Their brain is wired to hunt; to follow the targets and achieve it, then have a relaxed time. Men can switch on and off their brain easily.

However, it is very difficult for women to do the same. Women are good at expressing emotions but men are not. Men are not vocal. Women are talkative but men are action seekers. Women need to be pampered and loved, whereas men need their personal space. If you learn some of these basic differences between men and women then it would affect positively on your relationship and love life.

5. Brains can be trained and rewired by practice

Many of us believe that it is very difficult to get rid of old habits and bring new ones to our lives. It is not true. Human brain is the most complex yet it is logical and easy to train.

If you train your brain by breaking your routine then it becomes easier to get rid of old habits. Practice… Practice… Practice…Practice will rewire your brain. You just need to take steps, break your old belief system and practice consciously, consistently and committedly.

Once the activity goes into your permanent memory, it becomes a habit. The same way you can get rid off of one. It is all about commitment.

6. Beliefs can keep you away from your success

Everyone has his / her own beliefs about themselves or about life. Sometimes you don’t trust yourself and don’t put enough efforts to achieve something. Also, some beliefs stop your way to take actions. These are the beliefs which you are telling yourself to be true. They may or may not be true. But you think of them as true. Learn to sideway your beliefs if you want to be successful.

7. You can be your true friend or enemy

You are the only person who is closest to you. You can be your true friend or true enemy. The choice is in your hands. Don’t let you become your own enemy by demoralizing yourself. Do self-talk as you talk to a friend. Imagine how do you advise and motivate your friends. Just do like that with your own self.

8. Toxic people

Toxic people are who love to sabotage others. They don’t care about others’ feelings and keep on using people around them for their own selfish goals. They don’t pay any heed if they are doing wrong with someone on the way of reaching their goals.

They like to put others down in front of everyone without caring about how much psychological and emotional pressure they might be putting on somebody. If you have toxic people in your life then get rid of them asap. If you cannot do that due to some professional or personal commitments then learn to deal with them tactfully. Also, beware of whether you are the toxic one.

9. What goes around comes around

– Always remember whatever you give to others, you receive it back. You give love, you get it back. You give hate, and you get hatred back. It might take time to come back, but it surely comes back. As you sow, so shall you reap. If you treat people badly then you get a similar treatment back. So learn to behave in a way that you want to be treated by others.

10. You pay your expenses not by money but by your time

To buy materialistic things it might seem that you pay by money. But money is just a tool, a mechanism and you have given your own precious time to earn it. So indirectly you pay for those things not by money but by your time.

The time that you will never get back again. Ensure that the money you are spending is well worth the time and effort that you have put to earn it. As such spend money wisely and your time consciously unless you think you are immortal.

11. Dive in unknown

If you want something precious in life then learn to dive in unknown. Sometimes you just have to take a giant leap of faith and dive head-on into the unknown. No matter if someone else has done it before or not; if you believe in that then just go ahead. Without diving, you cannot get the pearls.

12. Don’t let your past haunt you back

Past is gone. It cannot be changed. Let it go. Don’t let it spoil your present and future by constantly thinking about it. Experiences can be bad but time changes everything. So leave the past behind and live a fresh life.

At times life can seem to be unfair, but have faith it can never wrong you in the long run. Most of the incidences happen in our lives so that we learn from real life what schools cannot teach us. Nonetheless, learn from life with gratefulness. If you can grasp from other’s experiences then gain from it fundamentally and don’t repeat their mistakes.

We are humans and it is our tendency to make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead in your life. Mistakes are part of life but learn from them. If you commit mistake once then you are human; but if you repeating the same mistakes time and again then it personifies you a fool. So don’t repeat your mistakes.

Keep on living life with acceptance and keep on growing upward. We are here to live, so don’t waste your life on petty matters. Our purpose of life is to live the moments in best possible ways.

Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]

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