Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

Living a balanced life can be strenuous especially in today’s era when everything around us is changing so fast. Everyone is running behind something or the other. No one has the time to stop and have look around. The one who stops finds him/herself so behind in the race. Everyone wants to achieve everything in life. Nowadays, everyone is running in a race to do something different than others to prove his/her worth. You cannot achieve everything at once.

You cannot find balance in life if you are looking to please your ego because the ego has no end. Ego means the big “I”. You are always busy in fulfilling your ego so much that you forget your life. If you want to bring balance to your life then you must learn to be in sync with existence. When you fight against life it creates an imbalance in your life. Yet when you start living in harmony with existence as the one you become peaceful and calm.

1. The tendency of fulfilling the ego should be left behind when looking into something as bigger as balancing the life

Be kind to everything and everyone around you including yourself. The fact is that because of this ego you feel happy and hurt at times. If you don’t have an ego then you will feel the same for everything. Remember we are all made the same by existence. We all have the possibility of reaching to super-consciousness. Yet very few reach to that state. All because of this never fulfilling ego.

Living a balanced life is much bigger than that. It’s in your own hands to make your ego huge or demolish it. Your ego may force you to get the same or bigger car than one of your neighbors has or to achieve the same position as one of your colleagues has. Yet, if you keep on feeding your ego then definitely you will imbalance your life as you won’t be able to see anything but your ego.

All your actions will be driven by your ego. Your miseries and pleasures are the results of your egoist personality. Let the river of life flow. Your ego motivates you to block the river of life. It makes you feel that you have achieved so less. Don’t get tricked by your ego. Life is not only about achievements but living it. Be alive and feel your existence on this earth. Your ego can be the cause of losing the loved ones you have in your life.

That’s why the first principle of having a peaceful life and wonderful relationship is to leave your ego aside. Because the ego does not let you be what you are. If you miss someone or want to meet someone, your ego may force you to think about why you should take the first step forward when others do not even care.

Ego makes relationships like a business. This is just an example. These can be a huge list of traps made by ego. So whatever comes to you let it come and pass through you. Don’t create obstacles in your own path which is life.

2. Surrender to existence

instead of fighting against it. The very first lesson of swimming is to float. You must learn to do the same in life. Surrender yourself to existence. Don’t try to swim against the current of water. Life will never lead you in the wrong way.

Existence knows better about where you should be at a particular moment. So let it take the lead. Don’t oppose life rather live with the current. Events can be painful when you oppose life. When you are in tune with the existence you manifest inner peace.

3. Be like a child

The child is playful. He knows nothing else. He is in a blank state. He has no ego. If children see anything funny they start laughing. If they hear music, they start dancing. They enjoy everything around them. They even enjoy their own company. You may have noticed a child when she sleeps beside his mother.

If she gets up early in the morning, she keeps on playing with his own hands or feet without making any noise. You will find no fear in his eyes but blank eyes. It has no dust of the deeds of the world around it. The eyes are still, so innocent. They only know how to be playful. They love themselves and everything around them. Be playful like children with no mind. This will fill you with tremendous joy.

4. Conscious Living

Start living consciously. Once you see the reality of the outer world you will come back to your inner world. This awareness will help you to bring balance in life. To take the first step towards conscious living you can read Living consciously – 7 days of Awareness

5. Brace yourself and be ready to sacrifice

Although the sacrifice will not be a real sacrifice you may feel it is. It won’t be easy to let go of so many useless possessions or addictions. If you want to live a balanced life then be prepared to leave many things behind.

Some addictions, desires of unrequited mundane materials, some dreams that you were looking to make true, some relationships that were already dead but you are carrying them for the sake of society.

6. Embrace your freedom

When you are born as a human, you get the freedom to choose. You can make choices, as to how you want to live your life. Take responsibilities of all your deeds. If you want a balanced life then your actions must reciprocate this choice. Yet many of us do the opposite. You want a balanced life but make erroneous choices. Therefore choose wisely and act wisely at your free will.

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Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]

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