Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

Live a balanced life – A step toward Eternal happiness

7. Don’t live the life of lies

Once you lie, you start living that lie every day. And before you realize it, you will create a wall between truth and yourself. Sometimes telling a lie seems very convenient in a particular situation, but in the long run, it harms you. Because when you start living a lie, it becomes truth for you.

Subconsciously you stick to the lie thinking of it as your version of the truth. Thus it prevents you from seeking the truth. So you never find out the truth. What is the relation of truth to balancing life? Well, Truth is the balancing of life. A lie can never balance your life rather it breaks the harmony.

8. Release your emotions

Don’t suppress your emotions. Release them in a positive manner. Our actions are mostly driven by emotions. So emotions should be paid attention in life. Emotions are not bad at all. They are part of you. Emotions generate tremendous energy in your body which needs to be transformed.

Don’t give strength to negative emotions by taking immediate destructive actions forced by these emotions. If you feel to cry, take some alone time to let these emotions flow. When feeling overwhelmed with any kind of emotions whether these are positive or negative, be alert and watchful.

9. Have patience

It takes time to undo what you have done with your life. You have an imbalanced life for a long time. So while getting balanced, it will be a time taking process. Have a little patience and give yourself time. Once you start, you will definitely reach your destination.

10. Take your time before reacting

Stop reacting over petty matters. Search for the truth before reacting over anything. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we tend to think of the superficial situation and the possible outcome. Moreover, during anger or difficult time, our ability to take decision gets shrouded in clouds and we fail to see the true picture. In such situations, we should definitely take time before reacting. These tough times are part of your life. They make you expert and wise. Keep your mind open and learn not to react blindly.

11. Be grateful towards existence instead of complaining

Existence has given you everything which you need to live a happy and prosperous life. Be grateful toward it for what you have been given. Put a stop to your complaining nature. Everything around us is connected and everything happens for a reason.

You may not be able to see that at the moment. But your actions affect you and everything around you. Learn to appreciate everything you have got in life. Please read the article “Art of Gratitude” to learn how to bring a grateful attitude in life.

12. Knowledge can be dangerous too

Although knowledge is needed at every level of life. But when you have an ocean of knowledge around you it can be confusing at times and you might be overwhelmed with this knowledge. Many people keep on gathering knowledge throughout their whole life, yet they don’t realize that this knowledge was discovered by someone else.

Therefore it will be some other person’s version of the truth. You keep on borrowing the knowledge, instead of finding your own truth. The more you gather knowledge, the more egoistic you become. You get so much intoxicated with this ego that you don’t even try to find your truth.

You don’t want to accept if you don’t know anything. For example, if someone in the authority says that the full moon affects your emotions, then you believe in them. Have you ever answered such person “I don’t know? I have never noticed? I can’t believe you blindly? Let me find the reality by myself, then I will believe?”

The crux of the matter is, that living a balanced life will seem difficult if you make it a task. If you live in such a way that it doesn’t create any burden on you then it will feel natural. Don’t borrow other people’s knowledge and experiences, rather share their wisdom and seek your own truth. If you want a balanced life then stop creating nuisance around yourself, rather make choices that can contribute to balancing. Celebrate your life as if it is your first day in life and live with such a totality that it is your last day here. Life will be exquisite every day.

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