How to deal with Depression

How to deal with Depression

How to fight with Depression

7. Read Books

It’s been said that books are our best friends. Read books on self-improvement or any other topic that you want to learn about. Reading can help you to keep negative thoughts away from you; rather you can learn about new things. Dedicate some time to this habit from your everyday routine. (1.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by R. Stephen Covey; 2.The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change by Charles Duhigg; 3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; 4. The answer by Allen & Barbara pease😉

8. Stop being miserable

Do you think too much about your situation? I assume that you are not one of them who like to live miserable because you are here on this webpage looking for help. Accepting your thoughts and trying to rectify it is the first step towards self-improvement. So what you have to do is stop thinking that you have depression or any such psychological disorder. Keep laughing. How are you going to do it? Watch comedy shows or funny videos or watch anything that makes you laugh. Laughing works like therapy. Moreover, you attract happiness if you stay sad by thinking about all those misfortunate things in your life then you attract more misery to your life. Law of Attraction works like that. Think like this, “I am happy. I want to be happy forever.” I know a friend of mine who has a habit of making jokes in every situation. It doesn’t matter how stressful the situation is. So try it.

9. Writing Therapy

Whatever you have inside you write it on a paper. Don’t read it only write. After writing, tear the paper and destroy it. It will help you to let go of your emotions. It will heal you as a therapy. Watch out for your feelings and write them down. Don’t worry about what you are writing. Just try to put everything down on the paper. Imagine as if you are talking to the paper. Write out your heart and mind, everything. Don’t keep things inside you. Here’s a research about how writing about emotions can help people.

10. Be active

Go jogging, long runs or walk. Follow some exercise routine. Try swimming. Do any form of exercise you fancy about. Keep yourself active. Join some dance classes or music. You can also go and climb a mountain if that suits your taste. It will boost your morale and you will feel invigorated with a new energy that you never knew existed within you. You will be able to start fresh all over again. Moreover, it is scientifically proven how exercise can help to beat stress.

11. Do Meditate

Meditation is much needed to relax one’s brain as it helps to relax the muscles of the body and release the emotions which are suppressed. Take 10 minutes every day out of your routine and sit silently. Play some relaxing music and watch your breath while concentrating on the center of your forehead between your eyes. Do diaphragmatic breathing. Enjoy the music. Let the rhythm get immersed within your heartbeat. Feel like your heart is dancing to music. Do it every day anytime. You will witness the wonders it can do for you.

12. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays it has become challenging to make healthy lifestyle choices. But as I wrote earlier, it’s a choice. So choose to be healthy. Eat healthy foods. Eliminate sugary products from your diet. Take enough sleep. Try to wake up early in the morning. Don’t watch too much TV. Keep away from alcoholic drinks for some time or consume moderately. Nurture yourself. Take good care of your body, mind, and soul. Your body is a temple where your soul lives. This life is God’s gift. Have respect for that. In gist, you might feel overwhelmed at times. Keep one thing straight in the mind – “ups and downs are part of life”. Whatever happens in life it passes away by the time. There is an old saying “change is the only constant”. Learn your lessons from past experiences and move forward. Don’t look back. Give time some more time. Everything will get fixed soon. Be brave.

13. Be with Nature

Spend some time in nature. Visit any park nearby your home or office. Look at the trees, plants, flowers and feel their very existence. Let their fragrance enter in your whole being. You will feel a lot of positive energy around them. Whenever you feel low, go into nature. Nature will heal your thoughts. Being in nature not only ensures that you get fresh air, but it increases your overall emotional wellbeing by distracting you from pain.

Therefore, everything is up to you. Life is not about falling and regretting. It’s all about getting up after a fall and moving forward. Only bad experiences can teach you the best lessons of your life. Step up for your life. Embrace above guidance and let life dance with you. Once your approach is positive, life will also come forward and hug you. Look at your life with love, not with regret. Take everything with acceptance of what life gives you. You will be amazed to see how wonderful life you have got. When you go out to feel the breeze touching your skin, feel the sky above you making you realize endless opportunities to feel happy about. You only have to decide what opportunities you want to grab first. Life keeps on giving you opportunities to achieve desired results whether it’s a relationship, work or money. Be strong and lead your life with pride.

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